Food allergy & intolerance testing

Finding the foods that one reacts to is simple: it takes a blood sample that is sent away for analysis in the laboratory. Note, that your GP only tests you for the classic Type 1 allergies (IgE mediated – skin rash, swelling, closing of the throat, asthma attack, anaphylactic shock). In my Nutritional Therapy clinic you can be tested for both the Type 1 and the Type 2 or delayed reactions, in which  IgG antibodies come into play. This response is much more common and is known as a food intolerance/ sensitivity. Symptoms take longer to show up, sometimes taking hours or days – this is why they are so hard to pinpoint just by keeping eye on what you’re eating. This reaction can undermine digestion/absorption, cause systemic inflammation and therefore affect all body systems, starting with digestive disturbances through constant mucus production, aches/pains and may even cause mental problems. Once the allergens are identified, a strict elimination and a tailor-made gut healing and digestion correcting diet and supplement regime is necessary for fast recovery.

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