One-To-One Consultation

During a one-to-one consultation we will take a close look at your presenting symptoms, medical history, your present diet; we find out how your main systems function – I may also run some tests to help us get you results faster. After a thorough investigation we tweak your diet in such way that it would best assist your healing.

The Cost of Consultations: 

The fee of the initial two consultations is €195 – payable at the time of booking. It is non-refundable with a validity of 2 months for the second meeting.

• Consecutive follow-up appointments (within 4-6 weeks) cost €85 and appointments for long-term returning clients cost €95

• Please read the Terms & Conditions before booking your appointment.

Book a one-to-one consultation

One-to-one consultations are available in Limerick and online via Skype. Due to the complex nature of chronic health conditions, I don’t offer one-off appointments. It takes a lot of time & research to get to unravel the root of your problem and create a personalised plan that best suit your individual needs.

The speed at which one is able to make the necessary changes is different to everyone and the way we react to these changes is also very individual. It is crucial to monitor the progress and tweak the plan as necessary, while keeping your focus on the goal. In my experience, for a lasting success, appointments at regular intervals are the most effective; allowing us to create a healing relationship with commitment and opportunities to re-focus & motivate you. The length and the regularity of your initial visits depends completely on you – your health condition and your ability to take on the recommendations.

Don’t be misled, I will do the research and provide you with the tools best suiting your requirements and lifestyle, and I will do my best to keep you focused and motivated. But You will have to put in the hard work and commitment of implementing them. So if you are looking for a miracle cure or a quick fix supplement, my clinic is not the right choice for you. Request a free 10 minutes consult call to see if we are right for each other 

Please read the Terms & Conditions before making a booking.

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