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We’ll help you find the “root” to the better you.

My mission is to help people discover their unique systems, understand the connection between diet – lifestyle and health states, take charge of their own healing – providing evidence based solutions in a world full of confusing messages, and sharing my passion about food.

I am a  Clinical Nutritionist with a Masters Degree in Personalized Nutrition, fully insured and a registered full member of the Nutritional Therapists Of Ireland (NTOI) professional body.

My story

I am a passionate advocate for Nutrition, having suffered my own Calvary and found solution in functional medicine based nutritional therapy. I travelled the world as a musician, and brought home some very unpleasant souvenirs from tropical climates, which – coupled up with my demanding lifestyle and orthodox medicine treatments, played havoc on my skin and digestive system. Fired by my own experiences with Nutrition, I went back to college and set off to help others heal themselves – naturally, without side effects.

Why should you work with me?

I qualified in 2008 and hold a Diploma with Distinction and a Scholarly Excellence Award from the College of Naturopathic Medicine – UK and a Master’s Degree in Personalized Nutrition from the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM), Middlesex University. I’m an experienced lecturer and public talker; I was the head of department lecturer and clinical supervisor for the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Galway, and I hold talks for healthcare professionals, corporate companies, associations, carers and several support groups. I’m also a featured columnist in the Limerick Leader and write research based articles for corporate companies.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based functional medicine approach, incorporating naturopathic principles. It is a patient-centered therapy, focusing on cut-edge laboratory investigations and detailed medical history taking to find and address the root of the health problem – not just the symptoms, through specific healing properties of foods, herbs & lifestyle changes. Optimum nutrition and good absorption is the base stone of healing. The right nutrients and proper elimination can enable in-built healing mechanisms of the body and allow your cells to work their best, making you feel energized. Remember; you are what you eat – or rather, what you absorb!

What can you expect?

What can you expect?


Due to the complex nature of chronic health conditions, I don’t offer one-off appointments. It takes a lot of time & research to get to unravel the root of your problem and create a personalised plan that best suit your individual needs. The speed at which one is able to make the necessary changes is different for everyone and the way we react to these changes is also very individual. It is crucial to monitor the progress and tweak the plan as necessary, while keeping your focus on the goal. In my experience, for a lasting success, appointments at regular intervals are the most effective; allowing us to create a healing relationship with commitment and opportunities to re-focus & motivate you. The length and the regularity of your initial visits depends completely on you – your health condition and your ability to take on the recommendations. Don’t be misled, I will do the research and provide you with the tools best suiting your requirements and lifestyle, and I will do my best to keep you focused and motivated. But You will have to put in the hard work and commitment of implementing them. So if you are looking for a miracle cure or a quick fix supplement, my clinic is not the right choice for you. Request a free 10 minutes consult call to see if we are right for each other.

What happens during consultations?

What happens during consultations?


During the initial one-to-one consultation, we will take a close look at your presenting symptoms, medical history, your present diet; we find out how your main systems function – I may also suggest some basic lab work with your GP and/or functional tests to help us identify the root of your problem and get you results faster. After a thorough investigation (and lots of research / homework on my part) I provide you with a personalised action plan at the first follow-up appointment that tweak your diet in such way that it would best assist your healing, taking into consideration your lifestyle requirements and personal taste. After all, it is important that you enjoy your meals. You will be also provided with a personalised menu plan with meal ideas, plenty of fast & delicious recipes and practical tips to make it easier for you to fit your diet into your lifestyle. I recommend evidence based high quality nutraceutical and herbal supplements as necessary to hasten recovery or to overcome genetic / acquired dysfunctions. In consecutive follow-up appointments, we will monitor your progress and implementation successes / difficulties and further tweak your diet. I will teach you how to make healthier choices and understand the relations between your food and your cellular function. Re-focus and motivation is the key to keeping you on the road to optimum health. Request a 10 minutes free consult call for more information.

Health conditions I focus on

Health conditions I focus on


Through my functional medicine based nutrition approach, years of research and experience I have successfully supported many clients from all walks of life, struggling with chronic inflammatory conditions and symptoms of: 1, pain & inflammation – arthritis / rheumatism / fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue (ME) / polymyalgia rheumatica / migraines / endometriosis / period pain / allergies / asthma / autoimmune & unexplained – hard to treat illnesses 2, Digestive disorders – IBS / IBD / Coeliac / SIBO / GORD – heartburn – Barrett’s oesophagus (+ symptoms of bloating, wind, diarrhoea, constipation, cramps, indigestion, burning, lump in throat…) 3, Skin conditions – acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, fungal infections, urticaria, vitiligo 4, Cancer – treatment support and post-treatment recovery / prevention strategies

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