Awesome Asparagus – 8 Health Benefits

This humble vegetable coming into season now is truly a superfood. It has so many health benefits that you can forgive it the slight funky smell it causes to your wee… Better Mood, Sleep and [...]


Fats – This Is Why You Should Ditch The Low-Fat Diet

(Photo by Brooke Lark) Ahh, the FAT dilemma… Are low-fat or low-carb diets better for weight loss and overall health? It never stops to amaze me how nutritional information can be so [...]


Easter Chocolate Eggs For Health?

Photo by Annie Spratt Eggs were always part of Easter celebrations, representing the renewal of life and nature in the spring 1 and in Christian traditions the red-stained eggs represented the [...]


Natural Aphrodisiac Foods for Valentine’s Dinner

Cooking for someone can be the most romantic gift – any day. What you eat can directly impact your hormones, brain chemistry, energy and stress levels – hence to the outcome of the evening. [...]


Dairy: the good, the bad and the ugly

As with many foods, there is nothing wrong with dairy – it is what we do to the milk and to our digestive system that pose a problem. The Good: Raw milk once a nutritious food Milk, the way [...]


Probiotics – the small but mighty warriors

Did you know that there are 20 times more bacteria than cells in your body? 1 pound of your weight is the billions of bugs living in your gut. In fact, at any one time, you have more bacteria in [...]


Garlic – not just an old wives’ tale

Garlic – not just an old wives’ tale By Éva Hill, Qualified Nutritional Therapist Sometimes called “Nectar of the Gods,” garlic tastes great, and it really is great for you. [...]


Brilliant Beetroot, the Best Winter Vegetable

When I mention beetroot, most people think of the awful pickeled stuff in the jar and say, “No thank you” But this humble root vegetable with the most gorgeous colour is a wonderful [...]



When we hear the word “strawberry”, we might think about a very commonplace fruit. But the antioxidant capacity of strawberry is anything but common! Sweet and tart strawberries are [...]


Breastfeeding – A must!

It is going in and out of fashion, where there should be really no question about it: the best thing for your baby is breast milk. Breastfeeding: Infants introduced early in life to cows’ [...]

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